What types of mailing lists do you offer?
A: Mailing lists are, broadly speaking, grouped in two major categories — business and consumer lists.

How are mailing lists compiled?
A: Consumer lists are compiled from multiple sources including public records, telephone directories, property tax collectors and U.S. Census. Other sources include lifestyle questionnaires and warranty card info. Business lists are compiled from yellow page phone directories, occupational licenses, telephone surveys and credit data.

How may I select my best prospects?
A: Consumer lists selections include home value, estimated income, households with children, length of residence, age of head of household, homeowner or renter, marital status, etc. Business lists may be selected by over 12,000 Standard Industrial Codes [yellow page categories], years in business, number of employees, sales volume, executive titles.

My best prospects are reached by special interests. Can you help?
A: There are over 50,000 mailing lists available. Special interests lists include boating, contributors, credit card holders, magazine subscriber lists, ethnic, fashion, fishing and hunting, gardening, mail order buyers, health, home and family service, horses, insurance buyers, investors, men’s, military, opportunity seekers, photography, political, religious, senior citizens, students, travel, video, women’s and more.

In what formats do you supply mailing lists?
A: The most popular format in today’s electronic age is a Microsoft Excel Database as an email attachment. A Word click n print label document is available to easily print mailing labels. Hard copy options include CD’s, peel and stick mailing labels and 3X5 cards. You may import data into Microsoft Access, ACT and many more software packages.

What do mailing lists cost?
A: Only pennies per name! All lists have different pricing structures based upon the number of records ordered and your demographic selections.

I need a mailing list now — how quickly can you deliver?
A: We can deliver most lists within hours. Specialty lists may require a few days.

Is there a guarantee on my mailing list?
A: Yes. We guarantee that your mailing list is compiled from the most up to date sources. Most mailing lists are updated monthly, some weekly. Your best guarantee is satisfied, repeat clients. Ask for references.

Why should I deal with a mailing list broker? Can’t I save by eliminating the middleman?
A: The mailing list broker knows the status of lists regarding availability and updates. Our full time job is mailing lists. We provide the best lists to promote your product or service at the lowest price and from the best source. We are commissioned by list owners. You never pay a premium by working with a broker. In fact you may pay a lower price than “going direct”. Brokers buy millions of names per year and receive discounted wholesale rates.

I market by phone — not direct mail. Can you supply phone numbers?
A: Yes, using the same selections as you would for a mailing list. Importantly, we are in full compliance with the Federal and State Do Not Call laws. The Do Not Call numbers are purged from your list.

What rate of response can I expect from direct mail?
A: No one can ever predict for certain. A lot depends upon the product, price, timing of offer, visual graphics and the quality of the printed piece being mailed. In working a phone list a lot depends upon to whom you speak and how well you handle the “cold call” and your particular mannerism on the phone. Above all your ability to close is most important.

You have answered some basic questions about mailing lists. Where do I go from here?
A: Computermail South will guide your way. We have been mailing list compilers and mailing list brokers since 1976! We have helped thousands of clients like you market their products and services. Over 70% of our client base is repeat customers. Click on “contact us” or call 1-727-579-1000.