The Computermail difference…

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You save as much as 50% on your mailing list acquisitions. Benefit from our 28 years experience as list compilers and brokers. Representing all major national and regional compilers we provide the sales prospects that are most likely to buy your product or service.

More good news for you…

We do not offer on-line counts.

When you visit a site with on-line counts you have only that one compiler and database as a list option. This puts you at a disadvantage because there are a multitude of list sources and databases. Computermail serving as your mailing list broker represents all major databases and compilers.

We learn as much as possible from you about your product or service. Then we match this knowledge to the list compilation that will be most effective for your direct mail campaign.

Another disadvantage with on-line count sites…

When you purchase a list over the Internet you can pay up to 2 to 5 times the price you would pay Computermail for the very same data!

We do not offer on-line counts.

Once your order is prepared you may opt for delivery via email or you can visit our website for your download.